Brian’s Halo Jump for St.George and ADANA!

Brian's HALO jump
Plucky (or mad) local resident, Brian Forgie, is setting off to Tennessee in the US to fulfill a lifelong dream of carrying out a HALO parachute jump.

This technique is often employed by special forces and stands for High Altitude Low Opening and involves leaving the aircraft at a high altitude, in this case around 9.5 kms and freefalling for some two and a half minutes before opening the ‘chute.

This is not an exercise to be undertaken lightly, only some 120 civilians have ever jumped from this height, and the facility in Tennessee is the only one to offer the opportunity to none military personnel.

Some of the dangers include possibility of heart attack, in the rarified atmosphere Brian will reach speeds of up to 300 mph, that’s more than double the terminal velocity expected at lower altitudes, apoxia due to lack of oxygen, etc.

Fortunately Brian will jumping in tandem, so will have an expert on hand should anything go awry, but this by no means detracts from the obvious dangers.

Apart from ticking this experience off his bucket list, Brian is also raising money for not one, but two charities, ADANA and the Duquesa Charitable Society of St George, and has a target of 1000 euros half of which will go towards ADANA’s Veterinary Costs, and the other half to the St George Charity’s Feed a Child campaign.

Please support this brave endeavour by giving generously.

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